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Are you having a hard time in your marriage life or starting to feel stuck? Here at Richmond Hill, marriage counselling therapists provide therapy for couples with all kinds of troubles to get them through those hardships. It is wise to meet up with a proper professional counsellor who can provide remedies and suggestions to help deal with your concerns.

For any positive results, it is both the partners’ responsibility to actively contribute to the well-being of their relationship. With thorough training and experience, the counsellors at Richmond Hill provide marriage therapy using active approaches to strengthen couples’ bonds by supporting each other and collaborating on resolving their conflicts.

Some problems that are common are:

  • Having a hurtful argument among partners.
  • Repetition of arguments due to the same issues.
  • Not feeling respected, loved, or heard.
  • Having an affair that causes tides of emotions.

Here are some of the areas we cover in our counselling sessions:


Family counselling 

Trying to tighten that bond in your family? Family counselling will help build that bridge in order to bring the family together. Marriage counselling Richmond Hill helps build a relationship with your family based on your strengths and provides different solutions. This way, it helps all the family members to voice out their thoughts and concerns.

Family therapy will also help improve troubles that you may be facing in your relationships with your parents, partner, children, or any other family member. Counselling sessions will eventually deepen the understanding among each member and help them communicate better in the coming days.

Depression therapy

Depression affects everyone, whether it is you who is suffering from it or the ones around you. Thus, seeking help from a professional is always the best option.

As common as it is to have depression, it was and still is a very serious condition. This mood disorder affects how you behave with the people around you, and all this can be solved with our depression therapy sessions.

With different face-to-face counselling sessions, our counsellors can effectively help you face the depression and come out to be a much more robust and confident person.

Group Counselling 

Here, you attend counselling as a group in small numbers of people. This counselling requires you to meet up regularly to talk and share about each other’s problems: it helps the individuals explore all kinds of issues among themselves with the counsellor.

By maintaining respect and dignity among each member of the group, group counselling is an excellent therapy to provide comfort and safety where everyone is able to work on the problems that they are facing.

Anger Management 

The purpose of this therapy is for us to help you identify the reasons for your stress. During anger management sessions, we will help you learn how to stay calm during any stressful event and act out positively.

By helping you control your anger, it will decline the physical and emotional arousal that such anger causes. Although it is not possible to avoid getting angry, anger management therapy will help you learn how to conduct yourself and respond appropriately at that given moment.

Couples Counselling 

It always takes hard work when it comes to maintaining a consistent romantic relationship that everyone seeks to attain. And whenever there is any kind of problem in a relationship, it is best to deal with it immediately; try to find a solution for it so that the same problem will not occur in the future.

Couples therapy is similar to psychotherapy where a therapist, who is often a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, helps out couples. Such therapists try to have a deeper understanding of the couple’s relationship while providing solutions to improve their relationships using therapeutic interventions.

Pre-marriage Counselling 

This is a type of counselling that helps couples prepare for their marriage. As such, pre-marriage counselling will help you make sure that you have a strong relationship with your partner beforehand so that you can secure a more satisfying and stable marriage.

This kind of counselling will also help you understand and find out the weaknesses that are prevalent in your relationship which may become a problem in your married life.

Licensed therapists such as marriage and family therapists often provide pre-marriage counselling. These therapists are credentialed by American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). Religious institutions offer pre-marriage counselling as well.

Individual counselling 

Individual counselling is sometimes also known as psychotherapy, where you are able to receive the opportunity for personal support and experience your growth whenever you face difficult days.

This type of counselling focuses on all your concerns, whether you are having a phase of depression, anger issues, problems in your marriage or relationship, anger, change in career, or any other personal problems.

During personal counselling, you interact one-on-one with a professional therapist and try to tackle your emotional problems together in a safe, confidential, and caring environment. This kind of counselling will also allow you to figure out your deeper self and work your way to reach the desired destination that you prefer.

What will you get in return after receiving our services?

It does not matter what kind of challenge you’re facing; we guarantee a solution for every problem just as long as you follow through with the suggestions and methods applied by our counsellors.

Whether it is with yourself, your partner, parents, children, or a member of your family, the results you will have in your relationship after meeting with our counsellors will be:

  • Development of a healthy interaction
  • Skillful interactions to have your needs met in the relationship
  • Have a more secure and safer feeling around each other
  • Being able to have more fun together as a couple
  • Having an optimistic picture of your future together
  • Growing confident as an individual

So, if you think you are ready to meet with us, make sure that you don’t miss out on marriage counselling Richmond Hill and book an appointment today!

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