Group Counselling in Greater Toronto Area

Group Counselling Greater Toronto Area

What is Group Counselling?

Group counselling at Friendly Counselling in the Greater Toronto Area is a form of therapy that involves over 4 people or more and consists of family members who are directly involved in the family issues to explore the relationships, improve communication and develop skills to better deal with situations whether it is on family issues, divorce or marriage and workplace.

At Friendly Counselling in Greater Toronto Area, we provide social workers who counsel groups in an administered and safe environment that conditions communication, interaction, reacting skills and emotional support while dealing with issues that hamper relationships and motivations. It is highly effective in dealing with people with addiction, personal differences and building relationships.

Improve Interaction and Understanding

By creating an environment that allows people to express their thoughts and emotions freely, the receivers can know the severity of the problem while collectively addressing it. This provides room to recognize the issue and come to terms with an acceptable method to solve them without being aggressive about it.

Learn New Perspectives

Delving into the situation and understanding within a group to let you gain new perspectives to deal with the issue. It gives the person seeking help a unique perspective when he is addressed in a group as it shows the cumulative damage the situation is causing to people around, and it proves more effective than consulting the opinion of one or two people.

Be Motivated

Group counselling helps you relate to other people’s experiences and the way they overcome them. Exposure to a more similar situation, reaction and solutions motivate and inspire people to approach the future with a positive attitude.

Gain More Support

In group counselling, it is not only the counsellor who gives the feedback, but the group facilitator encourages members to provide support and feedback. The collective input and support are proven to motivate changes and validate feelings and boost confidence.

Different Approach

At Friendly Counselling, our social workers for group counselling in Greater Toronto Area we offer various types of therapy and counselling sessions. We evaluate the individual’s needs, potentials and device the best kind of therapy to help them cope with situations. Whether it is Psychotherapy, cognitive treatment or relapse prevention counselling, we ensure a systematic and dynamic approach that is flexible to the individual’s pace.

Depending on the type of counselling that the client needs, we put together the most influential and closest people that can help in the progression of the sessions. We understand the need for confidentiality and follow strict protocols to preserve privacy without hampering the process of the counselling session.



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