Pre Marriage Counselling For Greater Toronto Area Residents

Marriage is a beautiful lifetime commitment you make with another person that you will be living with for the rest of your life. Once you are officially married, the risks involved in an unhappy marriage, divorce expenses and emotional impact is all part of the union. Whether you are married to the love of your life, or someone you have recently met, the anticipation can sometimes take a toll on your mental and emotional being.

Pre-marriage counselling is an effective way to get over the wedding jitters by giving couples a common platform to state their individuality and find ways to share it with their partner for a stable and happy married life.

Resolving issues before marriage

Dragging unresolved matters like spending habits, health issues or paying attention to each other’s needs, into your marriage can significantly hamper the stability of a relationship. Consulting a counsellor before marriage about a minor issue before it becomes an issue of conflict can help you be a better partner through the years. It also builds a strong foundation because it shows your commitment to making the marriage work through thick and thin.

Setting Resolution and goals

Pre-marriage counselling can help you create resolutions and build goals for a successful marriage. By talking to an expert relationship counsellor, you can discuss your hopes and aspirations out of the union and find resolutions that combine expectations and suggestions to resolve whatever issues that every married couple face.

Improving Communication

Communication is an integral part of marriage. Most marriages fail due to a couple’s inability to communicate effectively with each other. Counselling before marriage helps you understand and adapt communication style of both the partners by rectifying the weaknesses and helping you adjust to a better communication style.

Dismiss marriage anxiety

Marriage anxiety is another issue that some people face; no matter how much they love each other. The fear of having to change personality, losing individuality or independence, or even the anxiety of facing the future as a married couple are some common feelings that couples encounter. Counselling can help you understand the cause of the concern and how you can dismiss this issue to help you take a positive step towards the relationship.

Full discretion

The counsellor ensures each client’s discretion by keeping each information gathered before and during the counselling privately secured. No information other than the necessary keys to better improve your situation is shared with the partner too, and there is a strict “no-bias” policy.

Located in a clean and friendly environment for a comfortable session, the trained and knowledgeable counsellors at Friendly Counselling around the Greater Toronto Area are available any time of the day so feel free to check in and book an appointment to help you prepare for a stable and happy married life.

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