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Separating from a connection that you have invested time, money and emotions can be hard, but the reality is that not every relationship is made to last a lifetime. In cases when separation is not an easy option for both the parties, seeking couples therapy is a way to ease the process or mend the damages.

Reasons for Seeking Couples Therapy

What goes on between couples is not always transparent for everyone else involved. There might be differences, insecurities, distrust, and arguments that they have behind closed doors. Couples therapy allows you and the people around you to express an honest opinion about the relationship in a safe and neutral environment.

Understanding and Gaining Closure

While trying to sort out the different reasons that whirl couples into separating or divorcing, it is essential to gain a clear understanding on both sides. The process of separating or fighting for your entitlement is hard enough and adding more subjects without resolving them could further aggravate conflicts and cause grief.

Couples therapy gives you room for clearing doubts and conflicts so that the couple can retain some degree of respect and remain civil.

Emotional Support

Divorce is a painful and exhausting process that goes through several stages. There are also many practical issues that need to be managed even through the moving process. Sometimes you may not make the best decision when emotions get the best of you and hurt your dear ones or children involved in the situation. At such times, therapy can be invaluable to help you make the right decisions along the process.

Retaining Personal Integrity

By honestly opening up to someone who is neutral, you can gain practical perspectives that will make you emotionally stronger to handle the pain, anger or regrets that come with divorce.

Coping with Friends and Family Involved

Separating is even harder when families, especially children, and close familiar friends are involved. You may not know whom to confide in, how to explain your situation or whom to rely on later. Such decisions become easier to make when you talk to them as a couple.

Your therapist will not only help you choose the right approach to break the news to all the people involved but will also help you retain a courteous relationship with them.

Couples Therapy in North York

It is unfortunate to see marriages and relationships fall apart, but what is more disheartening is to see two unhappy people hanging on to a relationship where there is no hope, enthusiasm or positivity. Whether you wish to reconcile or separate your ways, Friendly Counselling provides professional and sympathetic therapists for residents in and around North York.

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