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How Millennials Are Benefitting From Early Marriage Counselling

A new survey on 1,000 participants that consists of millennials, baby boomers and GenXers show that the young generations of couples are exploring the benefits of marriage counselling to overcome communication and relationship hurdles because of difference in attitude towards marriage.

From all the participants, 51% are married, and 57% have attended marriage counselling. 29% found the coupes therapy useful while 16% were pleased with the result and only 19% felt that it was not helpful.

While Baby Boomers are more likely determined to follow up on the nuptials, GenXers are more carefree in their approach towards marriage.

According to Chantal Heide, this is emerging trend is unexpected but surely a  positive transition owing to the fact marriage does offer economic security while the prices of housing have escalated and the divorce rate in Canada has recently doubled in the past two years. Since these young couples live with their parents, counselling at an early stage helps in dealing with such issues.

Earlier, the purpose of couples counselling was to remit problems involving children, work, money and communication whereas communication, affair, money and children are the main issues that couples need therapy

According to Heide, Millennials seem to take emotional and financial security as a priority and the consequences more seriously as the present culture continuously emphasises on accountability, self-care, empowerment and dealing with life and depression.

From her observation, insecurity is the primary cause of issues among the millennials and it manifest to other matters so addressing on security through communication, trust and honesty are one of the main benefit of couples counselling that millennials expect.

Statistics from the research show that out of the 52% participants, with a majority of the participants being females, are willing to try marriage counselling even though they did not know what to expect.

Heides concludes that experiencing different types of counselling, no matter what generation or how far you have come in a relationship, is always beneficial to open new perspectives and to understand another human being of oneself. She further states that even though it takes time and patience, it does equip couples with the right tools to face whatever challenges that come their way.


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