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Five Signs You and Your Partner Need Couples Therapy

Building a stable relationship with your partner is a task that comes with many challenges, but the rewards can be sweet. But when you are continually arguing about minor issues, it can be problematic both for your relationship and for your mental health. To solve problems and deal with the challenges in dealing with a partner, sometimes the only way is to consult a couples therapist.

Though many people avoid therapy sessions or refuse to admit that they are in dire need of an intervention, it is vital to approach one if you want to save the relationship or improve the situations and move forward in life together.

According to Natasha Sharma, a relationship therapist based in Toronto, there are five vital signs that you should watch out for to find out if you need a therapist.

Frequent Arguments

Sharma states that even though all relationships have conflicts, some couples deal with them with the wrong approach. If the arguments drain you mentally and physically, you can find the root of it with the help of a therapist.

Different Life Visions

Building a stable relationship requires couples to envision the same future. For example, if one wants to kids or move to another city and the other does not see it happening, it could likely jeopardise the future, and only a counsellor can help you find ways to compromise on it.

Additional Stressor

Feelings such as insecurity, jealousy or mistrusts and infidelity often require an expert to help you cope or deal with the impact together or as an individual.

Infertility or Miscarriage

Unfortunate conditions like infertility or having a miscarriage are a common factor that drifts couples apart. While trying to come in terms with such loss, it is advisable to consult an expert for psychological and mental therapy.


If you are not happy with your partner anymore or you do not find any enthusiasm in taking the relationship forward, the most straightforward way is to see a counsellor that can help you figure out the cause, remedies or the best strategies to preserve your integrity.

Couples therapy also offers support for physical abuse and mistreatment and if you feel the slightest need for reassurance, security or emotional support, any time is a good time to try a couples therapy with your partner if you are willing.

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