preparing families to cope with separation

Preparing Families to Cope With Separation with Dr.Ellie Bolgar

According to the current statistics on common-law relationships, the rate of breakups and divorce in Canada is approximately 50% higher than the last couple of years. This has led to an imminent need for attention on the impact it creates on families, especially the children because researches and statistics show that the adverse effect of divorce on children is due to the conflict of the parents rather than the process of the divorce.

According to Dr. Ellie Bolgar, a Couples Therapist based in Langley, the consequences of separation and un-coupling creates a challenging transition for each person involved in the family in a unique and diverse way.

Adapting an affirmative program can prepare families and couples to progress from uncertainty to an organized and healthy relationship that could ensure happier and better wellbeing in the future with dignity.

Dr. Bolgar, the Family Mediator in Langley, devised an effective approached that can prepare and assist a divorcing couple, family breakup or uncoupling of a common-law union with an in-depth understanding and analysis of the situation and finding strategies to cope to help the family to readjust their life with minimum stress during or after the separation.
Since the legal system in Ontario cannot put the social and emotional impression as their priority, each family member has to find a coping solution to suit their unique psychological and emotional responses. By combining a psychological approach with legal family laws, Dr. Bolgar uses a thoughtful approach to bringing peace and acceptance to people in need of mental and emotional support when they have to confront a family issue.

The impact of transition varies for children and adult, but anxiety, depression, and disturbed psychology is common in both. Counselling sessions are highly effective is equipping the family members with a positive mechanism to grieve, cope and move forward even within a blended family.
As a Professor, Dr. Bolgar also believes that counselling can also help children to adjust and nurtured to continue the attachment to both parents after or during the separation process for the productive years of the children’s personality and emotional development.

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